Next Microsoft Xbox could be slated for 2020

Code-named Scarlett, a family of Xbox devices may be on the way, a new report says.

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We'll see the next version of an Xbox, currently referred to by the code name Scarlett, in 2020. 

That's the time frame given in a report from Thurott.com, at least, which also says Scarlett's actually a family of devices.

We know there's a new Xbox console on the horizon, though Microsoft hasn't given an official timeline. 

"Our hardware team... is deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles ," said Phil Spencer during  Microsoft's press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. He promised that the team will continue to "deliver on our commitment to delivering the benchmark on console gaming ."

Microsoft declined to comment on the news. You can read all our E3 coverage here.

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