Next gen Xbox: Everything you need to know

Here's all the latest news about Micosoft's next generation Xbox console, including where to grab your first peek and how much it will cost.

CNET Australia staff
2 min read

Australians will get their first look at the next gen Xbox on Friday, May 13. If you're lucky enough to have MTV, that is.

Microsoft and MTV have joined forces to unveil the new Xbox console, presenting it via a television special hosted by Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood. The half hour special, MTV Presents: The Next Generation Xbox Revealed, will be aired on MTV Australia at 7pm EST on May 13. MTV will be showing the special globally over a 24-hour period.

In a statement, Microsoft said the special will feature an exclusive look at the new Xbox (which at this stage has no official name), a sneak peek at some games, next gen Xbox Live details, celebrity interviews and insider footage on the making of the new console.

"The inside look at the next-generation Xbox will continue at MTV.com, where after the special, viewers will find extended event coverage including behind-the-scenes video, photos and other special extras. MTV.com will also provide ongoing in-depth coverage of the next-generation Xbox highlighting the latest news, product details and previews of hot next-generation games," the statement said.

MTV Australia will repeat the special on Saturday, May 14 at 6.00pm, Sunday, May 15 at 10.00am and Tuesday, May 17 at 8.00pm.

In other Xbox news:

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