New PS4 model is lighter, quieter, more efficient

Model CUH-1200 gets picked apart.

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GameSpot staff
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The latest iteration of the PlayStation 4 is quieter and more power efficient than previous models Sony has released into the market.


According to analysis conducted by Pocket News, translated and reported by Eurogamer, model CUH-12000 -- currently only available in Japan -- features a smaller motherboard with a new GDDR5 memory configuration.

As opposed to the 16 memory modules the previous PS4 models used, the new version features just eight, which in turn makes it more energy efficient.

The site notes while the size of the main processor is still the same, it has received a new designation, suggesting something has changed internally.

Other changes introduced in the new PS4 model include a new Blu-ray drive design, a new HDMI controller and a new power supply, which is 80 grams lighter than the previous one and has a lower energy output.

It also seems that Sony has reduced the amount of noise the PS4's fan makes, though this has yet to be confirmed. For a more in-depth list of the changes, take a look at the site's breakdown using the link above.

In June 2015, shortly before E3, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has certified two new PS4 models for release in the US.

A new PS4 model was announced for release in Europe on July 15. Dubbed the "Ultimate Player Edition," the new model will be available in "select Europe and PAL territories." Sony has announced it will cost £350 in the UK, which converts to around $540 or AU$730.

"Offering twice the storage of the existing PS4, you'll be able to download more of the games you love to your PS4, extend your play with more great add-on content and save and share even more of your best gaming highlights," Sony said of the new model.

The new model is also 10 percent lighter, weighing a total of 2.5 kg, and also uses 8 percent less energy. Its hard-drive bay cover has a matte finish instead of a glossy one.