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New Humble Bundle lets you watch games being made

The new most recent Humble Bundle is a set of eight games that you can watch being made live.

(Credit: Humble Bundle)

This time last year, Humble Bundle hosted Mojam -- where developer Mojang (who made a little thing you might have heard of called Minecraft) and others took 78 hours to make games, while anyone visiting the site could watch them live.

Now they're back for Mojam 2, with Mojang joined by pals Grapefrukt, Ludosity, Oxeye Game Studio, Vlambeer and Wolfire Games. So far, the teams have the following underway:

  • Mojang's Striped Zebra team is making a "French nuclear spaceship" game

  • The Giraff Macka team at Mojang will be basing their game around "endless nuclear kittens"

  • Mojang's Cyborg Hippo team is using a "nuclear pizza war" theme

  • Wolfire will be making a "nuclear endless war"-themed game

  • Vlambeer's game will be themed around "wasteland kings"

  • Ludosity will be using a[n] "interplanetary void" theme.

There's a big difference in how this Humble Bundle is being run, too; all proceeds are going to charity, with the devs and website taking absolutely nothing. All you have to decide is how to divvy up your funds between the charities: Block by Block and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

In less than six hours, Mojam 2 has already brought in over US$88,000 from over 18,500 buyers, with the average donation coming in at around US$4.75. Donating gets you any finished prototypes at the end of the jam.

To get in on Mojam 2, visit the Humble Bundle website.