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NBA 2K21 will cost an extra $10 for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 versions

Next-gen games could be more expensive than current titles.


NBA 2K21 will feature Zion Willamson on the cover of its Xbox Series X and PS5 games. 


NBA 2K is one of the most popular video game franchises, with a rabid fanbase and a frequent spot on best-selling games lists. On Thursday 2K became the first major publisher to publicly list a price for the next-generation versions of its games. 

The cost to play? An extra $10, with copies of 2K21 on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 running $70 in the US, as opposed to the $60 gamers have grown accustomed to with the Xbox One, PS4 and current generation of consoles

NBA 2K will also be selling a special Kobe Bryant-themed "Mamba Forever Edition" for $100

Having special editions of titles isn't uncommon, but 2K says that only those who buy the Mamba version will be able to upgrade their copy for free from the current generation to the next-gen. If you buy the $60 version to play on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 this September, you'll need to spend another $70 this holiday to get a game that takes advantage of the new capabilities the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 offer. 

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The same goes for preordering the next-gen version today. If you want to play, you'll need to wait until the holidays when the new Xbox and PlayStation arrive.

A quick snippet of next-gen cover star Zion Williamson dunking is one of the only looks at the next-generation of NBA 2K. 

Sony/Screenshot by CNET

2K says it will allow those who build MyTeams or collect the in-game VC currency to transfer their progress from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X and from the PS4 to the PS5 if they do decide to upgrade consoles. That's nice but it still doesn't make up for the need to buy a new copy. 

It remains to be seen exactly what benefits the next-generation games will have compared to current systems to warrant the price hike. 

In a statement, 2K says it believes the next-gen product is properly priced. 

"We believe our suggested retail price for NBA 2K21 on next-generation platforms fairly represents the value of what's being offered: power, speed and technology that is only possible on new hardware," a 2K spokesman said. 

"While we are confident that NBA 2K21 will be a monumental leap forward for the franchise and a standout visual showcase on next-generation consoles, we recognize that it's our responsibility to prove this value to our fans and NBA 2K players. We're looking forward to doing so and can't wait to show more in the upcoming months to launch."

The company has touted improved graphics, load time and improved game modes in describing the next-gen version, but, beyond quick snippets of next-gen cover star Zion Williamson dunking, has yet to show off any of those upgrades in action. 

The load time upgrade is also not something that is seemingly 2K specific, with Microsoft and Sony each touting it as a general feature for their respective systems. 

For its part, 2K promises details and other game features like the soundtrack will be shared in the future, but the company has yet to reveal when exactly that information will be released. For now, gamers should be prepared to pay more to play on next-generation systems.