Moga debuts iOS 7 controller, price set at $100

Users can pop their iOS 7-based device into the controller and then lock it into place, creating a more traditional controller.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger

Moga, a company that has been making Android game controllers since its inception, has finally jumped into the iOS 7 space.

The company on Tuesday announced the Moga Ace Power gamepad, a device made for iPods and iPhones running iOS 7. The gamepad, which will cost $100 when preorders are made available this week, is essentially two pieces -- one for a thumbstick and D-Pad and the other featuring another thumbstick and action buttons. Users simply slip their iOS 7-based device into the controller, lock the two sides around the screen, and they're on their way.

Moga claims that its device is the first gamepad designed for iOS 7. While that might be a feather in the company's hat, it could also be an issue. Few games will support the device at launch, making the selection of titles that wouldn't require a touchpad somewhat limited. As with Android, however, Moga expects developers to increase their support for the gamepad as time goes on.

Moga will sell its device on its own site as well as in Apple Stores.

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Moga Ace Power adds a game controller to your iPhone
Watch this: Moga Ace Power adds a game controller to your iPhone