Samus returns: Nintendo reveals Metroid Prime 4 for Switch

It could be the next must-have game for hardcore Switch owners, but Nintendo hasn't revealed much yet.

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Scott Stein

Metroid Prime 4: A real game.


Mario, Pokemon and Zelda may be Nintendo 's biggest video game franchises, but Metroid's interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran has a special place in gamers' hearts. And now, for the first time in a decade -- Other M doesn't count -- a proper 3D Metroid adventure is coming to a Nintendo console.

All Nintendo announced is that the game is in development for its new Switch console, and the title was shown. But the name "Metroid Prime" suggests it's the first game to return to the Metroid games of the GameCube era that everyone loved.

Like previous Metroid Prime games, the new Switch title will likely be first-person adventure where you primarily look through the eyes -- and snazzy helmet -- of Samus instead of a classic 2D view. 

Unlike previous Metroid Prime games, this one will be designed for the power of a game console that isn't 16 years old. (The last three entries were all made for Nintendo's 2001 GameCube, with a Wii rerelease of Metroid Prime 3 in 2009.) The 2016 Nintendo 3DS game Metroid Prime: Federation Force was a cartoonish disappointment.

It's another strong sign that Nintendo is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to honoring classic franchises on the Nintendo Switch .

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