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Mario Kart VR coming soon, but only to Tokyo arcade for now

With some impressive-looking footage showing familiar characters racing in full 3D, Nintendo announces Mario Kart VR is coming.

With the wrist band sensors, you'll be able to physically throw items you pick up.
GIF created by Morgan Little/CNET

Have you ever wanted to play Mario Kart in full 3D? Your dream may soon become a reality because it was announced Tuesday that Mario Kart Arcade VR will be coming to Bandai Namco's new VR Zone arcade in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The game will have arcade chairs outfitted with steering wheels, motion sensing wristbands and HTC VIVE headsets. You'll be able to race around the track from your character's point of view and virtually throw shells and other powerups with an actual throwing motion.

Unfortunately, the VR version of the popular Nintendo game is only planned for a new VR Zone arcade in Shinjuku, for now, but it's reasonable to expect it will spread to other arcades and countries in the future.