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Manticore Games launches Core to make game design more accessible

Game construction kit Core went into open alpha on Monday.

Manticore Games

Core, Manticore Game's free platform and community for video game players and creators, is now in open alpha after two years of development. The "digital playground" lets people create their own multiplayer games, or put a new spin on old content without an art or programming background. Users with a background in programming can script game logic and create assets, for example, with Core's opt-in complexity, according to a statement released Monday. 

The platform uses Unreal Engine, a real-time 3D creation platform from Epic Games, for game creation and quick publishing. Manticore will be adding features regularly to improve Core, according to the release.  

Manticore Games

"Core is for everyone who wants to experiment and express their creativity in new ways," Jordan Maynard, Manticore's chief creative officer, said in the statement. "Most gamers have had an idea they've been itching to see as a game and now, with Core, there is nothing standing in their way.

With Core, users get a full game studio and publisher in one free service, according to Maynard. 

Manticore Games

This platform includes dozens of interactive experiences made by Core's Closed Alpha creators, as well as four complete games designed by Manticore Games. Core will host a week of streams on Twitch to show off what users can do with the platform. Open alpha signup is available at Coregames.com

Manticore Games is an independent developer established by gaming industry titans Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Respawn, Xfire, Roblox, Trion Worlds, Crystal Dynamics and Zynga.