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Malware scam targets Fortnite cheaters and their bitcoin wallets

Cheaters never prosper.

Cheaters might end up downloading malware. 
Epic Games

Fortnite players with bitcoin, beware. 

Scammers are targeting the bitcoin wallets of those prowling around for hacks and cheats on YouTube, according to an investigation released Tuesday by security firm Malwarebytes

The scammers add links in the descriptions of YouTube videos that lead to sites offering downloads of cheats and hacks for the massively popular game. Players actually end up downloading malware that goes after their bitcoin wallets, as well as their personal data.

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Fortnite has been the subject of security concerns before. The Android version of the game isn't available through the Google Play Store, which means players have to "sideload" it on their device. This is considered a less secure way of downloading games and other apps because it requires people to lower their security in order to open phones up to developers.