Make Witcher 3 more like Skyrim with this first-person mod

You'll soon be able to explore the world of The Witcher from a first-person POV thanks to this mod.

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If you're a fan of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, chances are you've spent countless hours roaming its vast wildernesses and big cities. One modder, however, is working on a reason for you to return to the game's world one more time: A first-person mod is coming, and it looks amazing.

SkacikPL has been dedicated to this project for a while. He's reworked the camera to work in first person, and he has documented his progress with a series of videos. Looking back at an earlier video of a walk-through of Novigrad, the mod looks promising but somewhat nauseating. The camera enters Geralt's head and is essentially attached to it, meaning that there's a lot of head-bobbing.

In his most recent video (seen above), however, SkacikPL demonstrates that he's made a number of smart improvements to increase the mod's usability. The camera doesn't bob nearly as much anymore, and the mod seems far more like a normal first-person game than it did previously.

If you were hoping to experience Witcher combat in first person, unfortunately the mod doesn't work with fighting just yet. As a result, if Geralt enters combat, the camera will return to its normal, third-person position. This mod is meant only to provide a different perspective for exploration.

In my opinion, the mod's greatest value is presenting the game's gorgeous world without Geralt standing there, making for some truly beautiful screenshots. You can see an example shot below.

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You can read about the mod's progress here and download it here.

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