Lucky Xbox One owners might get Xbox Series console under new Microsoft program

Xbox Insiders could get easy access to a new console.

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A pilot program will let Xbox One owners easily upgrade their consoles.

A pilot program will let Xbox One owners easily upgrade their consoles.


Xbox Series consoles are still hard to find, thanks to a swarm of resellers using bots to buy the new Xbox and PS5, along with a global chip shortage making systems harder to produce. Microsoft has a new program to make sure Xbox fans will be the ones to get an Xbox Series console. 

Microsoft will test a console purchase pilot program to allow select Xbox Insiders with an Xbox One to buy an Xbox Series X or S system from the company directly, according to a press release. Those interested will need to register for the program via Xbox Insider, and, if they're lucky, they will be notified through the Xbox dashboard messaging system in the coming weeks that they have an Xbox Series on reserve. They will have seven days to complete the purchase, or else the reserved console will be offered to another participant in the program. This is a test program for Microsoft, but the company says it could be used for other products in the future. 

"The feedback we receive from Insiders will inform whether we roll out the pilot more broadly," a Microsoft spokesperson said via email Tuesday. "Allocations for this program are supported with a portion of inventory from Microsoft Store and will fluctuate based on when new stock becomes available. 

The Xbox Insider Program is available to Xbox console owners for free. Insiders have access to new features before they go live and can provide feedback directly to Microsoft.