Lost NES wrestling game surfaces after 30 years

From the shadows of 1989 comes UWC.

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UWC is apparently a 1989 NES game that was never announced or released.

Archon 1981/Screenshot by CNET

Nintendo probably won't add this one to Switch Online's NES library.

YouTuber Stephan Reese, who goes by Archon 1981, got his hands on UWC, a previously unknown, unreleased NES game from an ex-Nintendo employee, he said in a video posted earlier this week.

UWC stands for Universal Wrestling Corporation, a placeholder name used by WCW (World Championship Wrestling) during its purchase by Ted Turner in 1988, according to Kotaku. The game was under development by Japanese studio SETA, which closed in 2009

The footage makes the game look pretty complete considering it was never announced, and it includes some wrestling superstars of a bygone era. Check out 8-bit Ric Flair's flowing locks.

Reese said he won't be holding this treasure of Nintendo's history hostage and will release it online so you can give it a try "soon."

Nintendo didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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