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Line Rider: The next big Internet thing?

Part game; part pointless time waster; all addictive. Behold Line Rider, the newest fad sweeping the Interweb

Every so often geek-kind will conjure up a piece of genius that takes the Internet by storm. In the late 90s it was Xiao Xiao (Stickman), then the Hampster dance [sic] and the Happy Tree Friends.

It's been a while since we've seen anything worthy of relentless play, but we've just spotted a true contender for 'the next big Flash thing' in Line Rider, a Flash 'toy' that lets you draw ramps and slopes for a virtual sledder to ride on. The game's rudimentary physics engine lets players concoct elaborate tracks that become as addictive to create as an intricate, winding line of collapsing dominoes.

Sounds pointlessly simple, and indeed it is, but an estimated six million people have downloaded the thing in the last month alone, placing it at number seven on Google's most searched terms list -- according to its creators at deviantART.

Thousands of YouTubers have uploaded videos of their best Line Rider tracks and the amount of effort that goes into some of them is staggering. We found it great fun to discover other people's creations, but there's also a lot of fun to be had trying to one-up everyone else.

If you've ever found joy from toppling a row of dominoes then head over to our Downloads section and get on the Line Rider bandwagon. -RR