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Lego Marvel Super Heroes swings into action on iOS

Avengers (and a few X-Men), assemble! Originally a Nintendo DS/PlayStation Vita title, Universe in Peril brings superhero action to iDevices.

Hulk smash! And Iron Man, er, iron! It's all here in Lego Marvel Super Heroes for iOS. Warner Bros.

Who knows if we'll ever see an Avengers/X-Men crossover movie. But right now, the two superhero streams cross beautifully in Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril, a new release for iOS.

The game is a port of the eponymous Nintendo DS/PlayStation Vita title, but with the option of touchscreen controls and the addition of extra characters.

LMSH sends you on various missions to stop Loki and other villains from assembling a super-weapon. You get to play as Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Hulk, Captain America, and other famous superheroes, often jumping back and forth between them as the situation dictates.

The hallmarks of the Lego series are in abundance here: challenging (but not too challenging) puzzles, G-rated combat action (i.e., no blood), and plenty of humor.

Indeed, if you like this sort of thing (and it's the rare gamer, of any age, who wouldn't), be sure to check out the other titles that have crossed over to iOS: Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Lego Lord of the Rings, and Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril costs $4.99 (£2.99, AU$6.49). There are in-app purchases available that let you unlock additional heroes and villains, though these aren't required to play the game. In fact, you can unlock characters as you complete the 45 missions.