Leaked slide reveals Android TV support for Stadia next year

Image of Android TV roadmap captured by attendee at the International Broadcasting Convention.

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Android TV will get support for the Stadia game service next year, according to a leaked roadmap slide.

Screenshot by Dan Ackerman/CNET

Google will add support for its much-awaited game streaming service Stadia to its Android TV platform as early as next year, according to a leak Monday on XDA-Developers. The information came from an attendee at the International Broadcasting Convention who captured an image of a slide showing the Android TV roadmap through 2021.

The slide -- titled ATV that continues to bring to partners free innovation at an accelerated pace -- was sent in by an anonymous attendee who apparently didn't want the images shared on the internet. But the site reproduced the text of the slide, which purportedly details Google's next two years of plans for the TV OS.

Stadia is Google's upcoming cloud-gaming platform, which it formally announced in March. The platform combines a game vault subscription service with game hosting to let you play games on any device; it's been compared to Netflix, in that there's a pool of content you pay a monthly fee for that can be viewed on mobile or fixed devices. The service is set for release in November and costs $9.99 a month.

Other features detailed in the slide for 2019 reportedly include an "Assistant for Operators EAP (Early Access Program)," which appears to be a way for operators to customize Google Assistant with phrases, a Play Store refresh, and a "pilot homescreen and instream ads."

Android 11 -- the next generation of Google's mobile operating system -- will get a "hero device advancing next-gen smart home UX, e.g. Lens, Camera" in the new year, according to the slide information. This may be related to an apparent Google effort to bring Google Lens and Android 10's Live Captions to Android TV.

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.