Kingdom Hearts III has a new trailer (but no release date)

First announced in 2013, the long-awaited Disney-Final Fantasy mashup is still not ready.

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Sean Hollister
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It's been 12 years since Kingdom Hearts II, and four years since Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts III

But the creators of the fan-favorite Disney and Final Fantasy mash-up video game are not done teasing. 

In a brand new Japanese-language trailer -- the first trailer since E3 2015, since the game was an utter no-show last year -- developer Square Enix offers yet another tease. It suggests the next time we hear about the game, it'll be in the form of yet another trailer at the official Disney Fan Club's D23 Expo on July 17.

Yep, it's a trailer for a trailer, with little of substance revealed -- and yet it's most likely enough to tug at the heartstrings of fans who've been waiting over a decade to see what happens to Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Kairi, Riku and all their Final Fantasy pals.

And in case you're holding out hope that Square Enix gives us substantive info about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake instead, I should warn you right now that those are pretty unlikely here at E3 2017. Director Tetsuya Nomura already telegraphed that neither FFVII Remake nor Kingdom Hearts III are anywhere near completion, and FFVII in particular has undergone some restructuring with regards to its development team.

While you wait, maybe go try Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep? You may also be able to scratch your Final Fantasy itch with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, a 3-vs-3 fighting game Square Enix announced just before E3. Trailer here:

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