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Interview: Paul Warzecha, lead character artist on Diablo III

We chat about Diablo III's newest expansion, Reaper of Souls, with lead character artist and watch him sketch up an on-the-fly creation.

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Reaper of Souls is the first major expansion pack for Blizzard's Diablo III and it's on sale from 25 March.

Blizzard lead character artist Paul Warzecha dropped into the office to chat about the art direction for the expansion pack.

Paul, also known in the gaming community as BirD, has been working with Blizzard since 2008. With Reaper of Souls, he was responsible for leading the direction of the character artwork, and his influence can be found in nearly every pixel on the screen.

Paul not only chatted with us about Diablo III, he also walked us through how character designs begin, sketching some on-the-fly designs with his Wacom tablet.