Images: Consoles of tomorrow?

Companies haven't confirmed the names of their next consoles, but that hasn't stopped game fans from creating logos, product mock-ups and more.

Consoles of tomorrow?

Game companies haven't even confirmed what they'll call their next-generation consoles, but that hasn't stopped fans from creating logos, product mock-ups and more. Here are some of the better attempts, as collected and discredited by GameSpot's Rumor Control. Pictured is a Sony PlayStation 3 that looks more like a waffle iron.

Credit: GameSpot/Seymour Powell

Possible Sony PlayStation 3

Consoles of tomorrow?

A Nintendo insider supposedly sketched out these images of the company's new game console after a hush-hush executive meeting.

Credit: GameSpot/4 Color Rebellion

Nintendo doodle

Consoles of tomorrow?

One anonymous Photoshop jockey thinks Microsoft's next Xbox will look something like this.

Credit: Gamespot/Engadget

Future Xbox?

Consoles of tomorrow?

But wait. Where's the slot for the iPod knockoff that's supposed to serve as the main storage mechanism for Xbox 2?

Credit: GameSpot/Engadget

Xbox 2 iPod

Consoles of tomorrow?

Or maybe the next Xbox will look like this rendering by Norwegian fan Rune Larsen. Who wouldn't want a Microsoft product that looks like a giant electronic eyeball?

Credit: Rune Larsen

Xbox eyeball