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I tried Cooler Master's awesome game pod chair prototype

Designed for the ultimate gaming experience, this chair thingy is pretty much a perfect fit for me.

I'll game in this chair all day.
Aloysius Low/CNET

I'm terribly lazy, and a gaming chair that I can snuggle into and play for hours is probably not what the doctor ordered.

But that's why Cooler Master's unnamed prototype is the one for me. You don't need a table as it comes built in, and you can adjust how much to recline at the flick of a button. Snuggle into the comfortable leather seat, put on your headphones, reach out your hands and just game.

It's not perfect though -- as you recline, the monitor, table and arm rests don't quite adjust with you, so you'll soon find your legs pressed against the table uncomfortably.

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A Cooler Master rep could not confirm when this will be available or what it will be called, except for a vague "game pod," which if you think about it, doesn't make sense, as it's not really a pod. Pricing was also not revealed, but likely not cheap.

The same rep added that there's still more work to be done -- currently the attached PC sits on a table behind the chair, perhaps there will be a way to mount it properly in future versions. Fans could also be added to keep you cool as you game. I won't be surprised if they also add speakers on the sides.


Here's what it looks like from the back. There's also a cup holder on the arm rest.

Aloysius Low/CNET

I'm guessing this could also be great for VR games that don't require much movement -- heck this could be how we enter the Matrix in the future.

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