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Hideo Kojima says it's 'way too early' to talk about new game

Designer says he has "just started the basic plan" for the "edgy" new game.

It sounds like it is still very much early days for Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima's next game. He says in the latest HideoTube episode that he's "just started the basic plan" for the new game, which he has previously described as "edgy."

"I bet people want to hear more about games, but here we are chatting about movies again. This, I understand," Kojima said, referencing how the bulk of the episode is dedicated to discussion about the 88th Academy Awards.

While he acknowledges that people are eager to hear more, Kojima said you may want to get comfortable, as he doesn't plan to divulge much anytime soon.

"Since the studio was just founded (in December 2015), it's still way too early to be talking about that," he said. "Right? We don't have the staff, no building, just started the basic plan. I'm in the middle of figuring out how I want the studio to look. Please wait a bit longer."

Also in the video, Kojima talks about hiring plans for Kojima Productions, the name of his studio.

"We want to keep it a small team with people making a game together," he explained. "So, people who have passion, are energetic, people who inspire each other. Rather than to say we're looking for staff, I'd say we're looking for teammates. Age, sex, or where you were born doesn't matter."

Kojima officially exited Konami in December 2015 after two decades with the company. Later that month, he announced that that he reached a publishing deal with Sony for his first post-Konami game to be exclusive on console to PlayStation 4, though it is also coming to PC.

For more on Kojima's life after Konami, you can check out GameSpot's interview with the legendary creator.