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Here's what we know about Xbox One games

Here's a roundup of the Xbox One games announced at the Xbox Reveal event for Microsoft's Xbox One.

James Martin/CNET

The wait is over. Microsoft's new console is called the Xbox One, and it will be a machine that will wear many hats. But what did we learn about the games?

First off, Microsoft tells CNET that the Xbox One will not be backward compatible with any previous Xbox game. Xbox One games will also need to be fully installed, and if the install disc is used on another console, there will be a small fee for doing so. We don't have a lot of the details beyond that, but fears of anti-used-game tactics have officially been realized.

Of course Xbox One games will have achievements, but it sounds like they will take on new life with more specificity as opposed to being awarded just for reaching a certain point in a game.

Tuesday's event in Redmond, Wash., only teased a few titles coming down the pike for the Xbox One, a console the company says will be released later this year.

Perhaps the best news of all wasn't the debut of a specific game, but rather the announcement that 15 exclusive games will hit the platform within its first year -- eight of which will be totally brand-new franchises.

James Martin/CNET

During the rest of the event, we only got a tease of what's to come. EA Sports head Andrew Wilson promised a new sports sim experience thanks to the Ignite Engine that Madden 25, FIFA 14, UFC, and NBA Live 14 will run on.

The next game in the Forza series, Forza 5, was briefly shown as well, but only with a series of cinematics. It was confirmed, however, that Forza 5 will be an Xbox One launch title.

If there was a game to steal the show, award that to Quantum Break, the next game from developer Remedy (Max Payne, Alan Wake) that leads us to believe the title will be a hybrid of live-action cut scenes and gameplay.

Quantum Break James Martin/CNET

Finally, in what's become a predictable headliner with these types of events, we got a behind the scenes taste of Call of Duty: Ghosts. The next series in developer Infinity Ward's record-breaking franchise will have exclusive content for the Xbox One, similar to the relationship currently established on the Xbox 360.