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Haven't spent enough on Candy Crush? Buy this $650 backpack

Want to declare your love for the 5-year-old puzzle game to the world? Now you can buy swimwear or a phone case.

The $650 Moschino Candy Crush backpack

You've got to hand it to the makers of Candy Crush, they know how to make money.

Like with most "freemium" games, it's been easy to spend a lot of money in Candy Crush to keep that "one more round" buzz going. But 18 months after parent company King was bought by Activision for $5.9 billion, the shine may have finally faded on the once ubiquitous property.

Solution? Expensive swimwear!

When your competitors go low -- Angry Birds Duct Tape anyone? -- you go high.

King, in partnership with clothing brand Moschino, has unveiled a line of swimwear and a backpack to show the world that hey, you dig throwing money at 5-year-old gaming apps.

The new Candy Crush line consists of a $650 backpack, a $70 phone case, and a bathing suit for men ($250) and women ($300). The collection is available exclusively on Moschino.com until it sells out.