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Halo, Titanfall lead Xbox One games at E3

Microsoft has announced the lineup of games for its upcoming Xbox One console at its 2013 E3 press conference in Los Angeles, with highlights including Halo and god-sim Project Spark.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 features "deeper stealth action." Josh Miller/CNET

Microsoft has announced the lineup of games for its upcoming Xbox One console at its 2013 E3 press conference in Los Angeles with highlights including Ryse: Son of Rome and the god-sim Project Spark.

The first game announced at Microsoft's E3 press conference in Los Angeles was Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, featuring Kiefer Sutherland as the voice of Snake.

The trailer opened with a scene on horseback reminiscent of Red Dead Redemption and detailed gameplay elements such as "deeper stealth action" and "tactical espionage."

Watch this: Ryse: Son of Rome: Xbox One

The next exclusive Xbox One game to be announced was Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome, which is a first-person "sword-and-sandal" epic set in ancient Rome. It featured both hand-to-hand combat and massive battle set-pieces.

Ryse is compatible with SmartGlass and Microsoft used it to illustrate the new Timeline mode -- an expansion of Xbox 360's achievements.

Moving on, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be available on the Xbox One and features a free-roaming fantasy experience. It will feature several exclusive features for the Xbox One, including optional voice commands through Kinect.

Though no official title was given, 323 studios announced that a "Halo FPS" will debut in 2014 on the Xbox One. It will run at 60 frames per second and feature cloud-based gameplay. The opening cinematic showed Master Chief dressed in a monk's robes wandering across a desert and ambushed by a large biomechanical creature.

Sunset Overdrive Josh Miller/CNET

Sunset Overdrive is an open-world shooter that incorporates Mirror's Edge-style free-running with a first-person shooter.

Project Spark Josh Miller/CNET

Project Spark is a first-person world-building game that incorporates fantasy and sci-fi elements and is cross-compatible with Windows 8. It is part open sandbox and part game design tool with real-time terrain morphing. In the demo, a character built a cliff bridge in real time to attack a swarming army and then turned the main character into a mech. This is one of the most interesting-looking games in years.

Dead Rising 3 Josh Miller/CNET

Dead Rising 3 stars a "Sons of Anarchy"-type protagonist named Nick and features open-world gameplay and "no load times." The game has destructible environments and "hundreds" of improvised weapons. Cars feature prominently and you can drive your vehicle GTA-style through hordes of zombies. It will be available "this holiday" and exclusively for the Xbox One.

Subject to a lot of speculation prior to the event was what Rare Ltd.'s "classic property" would turn out to be. The company created Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark Zero, and GoldenEye in its time but for the Xbox One, the company will remake fighting game Killer Instinct.

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From the makers of Panzer Dragoon comes Crimson Dragon, a dragon-based flight sim featuring dragon-on-dragon combat with an arsenal of fireballs at your disposal and boss battles galore.

Other games mentioned during the briefing included Below, from the makers of iOS game Sword and Sorcery; a skulking Black Tusk; and D4 from Swery65 -- an episodic murder mystery set on a train with an art style similar to Borderlands.

Watch this: Titanfall: Xbox One

The final Xbox One game announced was a hybrid FPS named Titanfall, which also features mech-based combat. The Microsoft press conference featured an extended demo of frenetic, gun-based gameplay, and it appeared that switching between being on foot and the mech was seamless. The game comes from ex-members of the team behind the Call of Duty franchise and it will be available later in spring 2014.

Updated at 2:30 p.m. PT. Despite being announced at the press event as an Xbox One exclusive Microsoft's Xbox Wire has since confirmed the title will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

Last month Microsoft revealed several games at its Xbox One unveiling, including sports games Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship, and NBA Live 14. Meanwhile, action-based games included Forza Motorsport 5, Quantum Break, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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