GTA 5's next weekend event offers cheap yachts and gun-equipped limos

Discounts and bonuses offered to players ahead of the big update coming next week.

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GameSpot staff
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Rockstar today announced the details of the next special event in Grand Theft Auto V, and with a big update coming next week, it's a briefer one than usual.

The GTA Online event is now underway and runs through Monday, June 6. Those who have been waiting to invest in a yacht can now do so at a major discount -- the Orion is currently 50 percent off. You can also purchase customization items for any yacht at a 25 percent discount, while yacht transportation is free of charge for the duration of the event.

For those who'd prefer to stay on land (or over it), there are still discounts to be had. The Turreted Limo (you know, the limousine with a machine gun mounted on top) is half price, as are the SuperVolito and SuperVolito Carbon helicopters.

Several other vehicles from the Executive and Other Criminals update are 25 percent off at Legendary Motorsport, including all versions of the Benefactor Schafter, four versions of the Cognoscenti, and the Verlierer. Weapons from that update (the heavy revolver and switchblade) are also half price, while select clothing from it is 25 percent off.

Those looking to start playing as a VIP (yet another element of the Executive and Other Criminals update) can do so for less money during the event. The VIP threshold has been removed, and the various services available to VIPs (like vehicle deliveries and armor drops) are 50 percent off.

Rockstar Games

Finally, as is always the case with GTA Online events, there's a special playlist available. Accessible from the initial load screen, the playlist offers double RP for playing some of the more recent game modes, such as Inch by Inch IV. There's no bonus in-game cash being offered, however.

Rockstar has gotten in the habit of offering a special event in GTA Online all the time. This one ending on Monday suggests a new event will kick off on Tuesday alongside the impending Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update. That adds new ways for players to expand their criminal enterprise, building on the aforementioned VIP mechanics and adding new vehicles and more.