GTA 5 Online's next event offers double RP, discounts, and more

Rockstar is celebrating the launch of the game's latest update with a week-long party; get all the details here.

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GameSpot Staff
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As it often does, Rockstar Games is celebrating the launch of Grand Theft Auto V's newest GTA Online update with a week-long event. Now through March 24, Rockstar is offering up all manner of deals and specials related to the new GTA Online Lowriders Custom Classics update that came out this week.

First, Rockstar will offer double GTA$ and RP for partaking in certain playlists, missions, and modes. These will change on a daily basis and are listed below.

  • March 18-20 - Sumo
  • March 21 - All of the Contact Missions released with GTA Online: Lowriders
  • March 22 - Keep The Pace
  • March 23 - Relay
  • March 24 - Offense Defense

You can access these missions and modes on your own or find them through a special playlist that will be available from the GTA Online launch screen for the duration of the event. You will earn double GTA$ and RP however you access them.

Also as part of this promotion, players can save on garage properties, ammo, and motorcycles. Additionally, discounts (75 percent off) on customization options for the Benny's autobody shop will be available.

GTA Online Discounts Include:

  • Dynasty 8 Properties are offering 25 percent off all Properties with a 10-car garage.
  • Ammu-Nation is offering 50 percent off Rifle and Shotgun Ammo all this week.
  • 25 percent off all Motorbikes

Finally, Rockstar announced a Snapmatic contest for this weekend. Players who customize their lowriders can snap a picture using the in-game camera and tag it with #customclassics on Social Club to enter in the contest. Five players whose pictures "represent what the lowrider lifestyle is all about" will win $1 million in GTA$. More information about this contest and this week's events can be found here on Rockstar's site.

The GTA Online Lowriders Custom Classics update is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of GTA Online. It adds new car customization options, more weapons (compact rifle and double barrel shotgun), and a new mode called Sumo that is basically sumo wrestling but with cars.

In other news about GTA V, the Take-Two vs. Lindsay Lohan lawsuit is moving forward and has gotten ugly.

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