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GTA 5 official, trailer due next week

Grand Theft Auto V is official, with the new logo plastered across developer Rockstar's homepage.

Grand Theft Auto V is official, with the logo for the latest entry in the open world run-em-over-em-up franchise plastered across developer Rockstar's homepage.

There's no word yet on what form the game will take or what platforms it will be available for, but we should know more soon, as the teaser page mentions a trailer coming on 2 November -- that's next Wednesday.

Start making your predictions now. We'd love to see a(nother) GTA game set in London, but that's because we lack imagination. Our dreams of jumping a half-closed Tower Bridge in a black cab are likely already dashed anyway, as the Roman numeral 'V' in the logo sports a dollar-bill aesthetic, suggesting it'll be set in the US.

The game will be the successor to the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto 4, which spun the yarn of war veteran Niko Bellic, who travels to the United States in pursuit of the American Dream, as well as the chance to drive a fire engine into a speedboat but jump out at the last moment.

The GTA franchise is infamous for the moral panic each crime-drenched iteration provokes. Despite ruffling feathers, the series is hugely popular -- the last game sold over 22 million copies, and was awarded 10/10 by our buddies at Gamespot.

By the time that trailer arrives gamers should have worked themselves into a frothing frenzy. We don't care what form the game takes, as long as it features jetpacks -- a feature criminally absent from the last title.

What are you hoping to see in GTA 5? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.