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Grand Theft Auto V gets a new trailer and screenshots

The second trailer for Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V has landed.

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Grand Theft Auto V (November 2012 trailer)
Watch this: Grand Theft Auto V (November 2012 trailer)

The latest Grand Theft Auto V trailer has landed, and with it Rockstar Games has provided some more insight about what to expect from one of 2013's most anticipated titles.

GTA V will be five times the size of Red Dead Redemption and take place in the fictional city of Los Santos, which is loosely based on Los Angeles. Players will take on the role of three separate characters -- a first for the franchise -- and alternate among each. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin each possesses a different skill set and will need to work together to pull off what Rockstar is calling "a series of heists." When not involved in a specific mission, players will have the option to assume each of their identities at will. GTA V is expected in the Spring of 2013.

The trailer also reveals some of GTA V's tone, which suggests more of a buddy action film as opposed to the intense dramatics of previous games in the series.

Rockstar Games has provided some more in-depth character descriptions of each playable character in the game:

Michael: Michael is a veteran bank robber, an expert, with the kind of knowledge that only comes from years as a successful career criminal. He's now retired, living comfortably in an unofficial sort of witness protection program.

Trevor: Trevor's a career criminal and extremely volatile individual, prone to destructive outbursts and violent rampages. He's easily the most psychopathic criminal to ever share the lead in a Grand Theft Auto game, but he's not without some charm. Trevor is also ex-military and an experienced pilot.

Franklin: Franklin works as a repo man for an Armenian luxury car dealership that runs scams on ambitious young hot shots with new money, selling them expensive cars they can't afford. When they can't make their payments but want to keep their cars, it's Franklin's job to get them back. Franklin lives in South Los Santos.

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