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Grand Theft Auto radio stations now on Spotify and iTunes

GTA maker Rockstar has released much of the games' music in playlists that correspond to its brilliant radio stations.

I'm enjoying some fresh Slavic sounds courtesy of Vladivostok FM as I write this. If you've ever cruised the knackered streets of Liberty City's Broker neighbourhood, you may well be familiar with its eclectic Russian post-punk and pop.

No, I'm not playing Grand Theft Auto at my desk -- the game's maker Rockstar has released many of its radio stations as playlists on Spotify and iTunes.

Stations available for your semi-ironic enjoyment include Radio Los Santos, Liberty City Hardcore, Electro-Choc and my personal favourite, the mind-bending sounds of Self-Actualization FM. The selection goes back as far as GTA 3.

You can even listen to the satirical ads that litter the stations at the official website of the Advertising Council of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto's incredible variety of fictional radio stations has been a part of the game since its humble top-down beginnings, giving its parodic locales a wonderful third dimension.

Radio will definitely return in GTA 5, alongside scored music, according to Rockstar founder Dan Houser. "We thought we could do something interesting if we scored missions in GTA," Houser told the Guardian last year. "Obviously we didn't want to lose radio stations, so we thought we'd do both."

That solves one of the station system's major flaws -- get out of your stolen car and the music stops.

GTA 5 is due out in September. Rockstar recently revealed the game's box art, which prominently features a spoof iPhone. Are you looking forward to it? What's your all-time favourite GTA radio station? Hijack the comments below, or tune in to our Facebook page.