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Google Stadia will share game titles, pricing, launch info this summer

The game-streaming service works on a variety of devices.

What's the state of Stadia? 
James Martin/CNET

We'll soon learn more about Google's Stadia gaming service

Details including pricing, game announcements and launch info for the new game-streaming service will be shared this summer, according to a Friday tweet from the Stadia account. 

"This summer, three of the wishes you've been asking for will finally be granted," the tweet reads. "Price Reveal, Game Announcements, Launch Info. Stay tuned here for more Stadia details coming soon."

Google unveiled Stadia in March. The service lets users play games on a wide variety of devices over an internet connection. It eliminates the need for a chunky game console or expensive PC. Players just need a TV, set-top box, browser, phone or low-end PC to surf the web using Google Chrome. They can also use their own keyboard, mouse and controller, or Google's Stadia controller that connects to its servers via Wi-Fi.