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Google Glass accessory store launches, mono earbud in tow

The extra mono earbud costs $50, according to leaked images of the accessory store. A clear shield, meanwhile, will set you back $75.

Google Glass
Google Glass

Google Glass users now have an accessory store where they can buy add-ons for their eyewear.

The Glass Accessory Store went live this week, offering just a few options for Explorers, according to user Nick Starr. An extra mono earbud will cost customers $50, while a clear shield will set them back $75. Google is also selling an extra cable and charger for $50.

Google is in the midst of improving its Glass technology. The company has promised current Explorers -- that is, early adopters of the high-tech headpiece, formally known as Google Glass Explorer Edition -- that by year's end, they'll be able to swap their current headgear for a new option that comes with support for prescription glasses and a mono earbud. The accessories store will likely grow over time, becoming a place where Explorers can find more add-ons.

At this point, there isn't much inventory to go around in the Glass Accessory Store. As of this writing, both the mono earbud and extra cable and charger are out of stock.

In addition to accessories, Google has said that it plans to launch an app store for the eyewear. That marketplace will be available in 2014.

(Via The Verge)