God of War gives Kratos his greatest challenge yet

The new PlayStation 4 game made me initially skeptical, but after previewing it I'm ready to board the hype train.

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Ashley Esqueda
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God of War's Kratos has faced down gods, armies and titans ever since his debut on the PlayStation 2, but now he will be doing all of that as a dad.

Cue a collective, "Whaaaaaaaat? #NotMyKratos!"

It's a huge change for the game's hero, which isn't taken lightly by developer Santa Monica Studios when they announced the new PlayStation 4 game back at E3 2016. And in another shift, Kratos will be tackling Norse mythology instead of the Greek mythos that have been a staple of the series since it's beginning.

You'll be relieved to know some team members at Santa Monica Studios felt the exact same way when the idea was originally floated -- but much as they were converted to true believers in these major changes, they believe fans will also accept what they've got cooking once they experience the game. 

CNET's Jeff Bakalar will be reviewing God of War when it drops on April 20th, 2018, but until then, check out our video featuring the game's Creative Director Cory Barlog discussing how the team navigated such a major change in course for the game series.