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Go you big red Steam engine: the Steam holiday sale has begun

Oh, hello bank account. You want some draining, don't you?

It's the season to be jolly if you're a PC gamer, as the mighty holiday Steam sale has begun.

(Screenshot by CBSi)

Except, didn't we just have one? Oh yes, but the thanksgiving sale was just a taste. A morsel to whet your appetite.

Unlike previous years, there appears to be no social element, so we have the usual daily deals, "flash sales" that last for less time and an opportunity to vote for what goes on sale next.

Remember: unless it's a daily or flash deal, don't buy it until the last day in order to maximise your savings. Also check out Green Man Gaming, which is currently offering 30 per cent off pretty much everything via a discount code, Amazon's Digital Holiday deals, GOG's Holiday Sale and the Humble Bundle for some great deals.