Get your 3D-printed head ripped off at Comic-Con

The next best thing to being an extra in a Predator movie just might be having your likeness 3D printed into a Predator toy -- as the victim.

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Seth Rosenblatt

SAN DIEGO -- While actually getting your head and spine ripped from your body by a Predator alien sounds entirely unpleasant, at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 you can go through the next-best thing and live to tell the tale, thanks to 3D printing.

Become a 3D-printed Predator trophy at Comic-Con (pictures)

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In conjunction with Paramount Studios, which will be re-releasing later this year in 3D the original Predator movie from the 1980s, 3D Systems created a booth on the convention floor that allows you to have a 3D printed version of your head attached to a model of a Predator holding high its valued trophy: a dismembered head and spine.

The booth attracted both the casually curious and die-hard Predator fans, including Travis Wilson, a 24-year-old who said that he's seen the movie "around nine million times."

"The conversion looks great," he said. "Usually I don't like 3D, but this one seems to have transferred over very well."

The figurines go for $49.99 a pop, and fans can make some minor adjustments such as disembodied hair color and style before they get sent to the printer.

The printing, however, is not being done on-site. 3D Systems will print out the figures and send them on in about a month. Wilson didn't seem to care, though, and said that he was happy just seeing the 3D version of his favorite film.

"Schwarzenegger's pecs can make us all feel bad about ourselves," he said, and then added, "In 3D."

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