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Get XCOM, BioShock with 2K Humble Bundle

The most recent Humble Bundle consists of a package of games from 2K, including several BioShock and XCOM titles.

2K Games

In what has to be one of the sweetest Humble Bundle to date, 2K games is offering a bunch of its best-loved titles under the deal's pay-what-you-want scheme.

For a minimum price of $1, you get three titles: the original BioShock, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and Darkness II, all for Windows, and the latter two for Mac as well.

If you pay more than the average -- $6.88 at time of writing -- you can also grab BioShock 2 for Windows, Mafia II for Windows, and Spec Ops: The Line for Windows and Mac.

Finally, this bundle is doing something a little different: for a minimum set price of $20, you also get XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Windows, Mac and Linux, and BioShock Infinite for Windows and Mac -- a total of seven games from the developers most acclaimed franchises.

The bundle will be live until 22 July 2014, and there will be more games added as time progresses, so if you already have the games you want from the bundle, it might be worth waiting to see what's added. If, however, you've been holding off on any of the titles, it's a pretty fantastic deal to grab straight away.

As always, you can choose to allocate some of the proceeds of your purchase to charity; 2K has nominated Action Against Hunger and American Red Cross as the beneficiaries of its bundle.

Head over to the Humble Bundle website to snap it up.