Get dad a massive arcade system for Father's Day

Make your dad's special day memorable by gifting him with one of the craziest arcade machines ever created, the Dreamcade Vision 32.

This story is part of Father's Day Gift Guide, featuring our top picks for dads who love tech.

Dreamcade Vision 32
This monster will still fit through most doors. Dream Arcades

There are standard Father's Day gifts, like neckties, and then there are nutty, unforgettable Father's Day gifts, like the Dreamcade Vision 32 from Dream Arcades. This gaming behemoth has the shape of a traditional video game arcade machine, but amps up the concept with a 32-inch LCD screen and 140 games built in.

The games run the gamut from Centipede and Pac-Man to Satan's Hollow. As you've probably already guessed, this isn't your traditional 1980s-style arcade machine. The secret is a PC inside that runs all those titles and also offers an MP3 jukebox feature. This also means you can add new gaming titles as you go along. Just in case you get bored with the 140 already there.

A gift such a this should lead to some entertaining father-child moments. You could secretly set the system up before giving it to him, go through and set high scores on all the games, and then challenge him to beat you.

The Vision 32 comes with joysticks and buttons for two players. It costs $3,199 (roughly £1,915), which is quite a bit more than a necktie. There are plenty of tempting add-ons available. A lighted trackball will add just under $200 (£120) more. Other accessories include a pack of light guns, custom button colors, and a wireless networking adapter. A Q*Bert game pack will set you back an extra $29 (£17), but it's probably worth it for the nostalgia.

This all adds up to an ostentatious but highly entertaining gift for Father's Day -- assuming, of course, you didn't already buy one for your mom for Mother's Day.