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Get a seriously sweet Android board game bundle for $5

From the Cheapskate: You get eight titles with a combined value of $54, including Carcassone, Catan and Ticket to Ride!

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If you haven't already, go vote. It's okay, I'll wait. And so will this deal -- it's running for almost two full weeks.

That gives you plenty of time to scrape together the five bucks you need, because this is so much awesome, it's too good to pass up.

So much awesome gaming for $5!

Humble Bundle

The new Humble Mobile Bundle for Android includes eight top-rated board games for just $5. Combined value: $54.

Sorry, iOS crowd. Bundles for you are few and far between, mostly because it's hard to bundle apps either inside or outside the App Store.

One could argue that board games are best played around the kitchen table with a group of friends or family members. I wholeheartedly agree, but they can also be great on a phone or tablet -- especially if you have a long stretch of time to kill.

And this bundle includes some absolutely fantastic games, many of them well-known, all of them top-rated. I'm not even going to mention the three tiers, just pony up the $5 to get the full bundle. Which includes:

  • Carcassonne
  • Catan (known in some circles as Settlers of Catan)
  • Galaxy Trucker
  • San Juan
  • Scotland Yard
  • Splendor
  • The aMAZEing Labyrinth (worst name ever?)
  • Ticket to Ride

There's also the promise that at least one more game will be added before the promotion expires. But don't worry: If you buy now, you'll get that bonus when it becomes available. All the games are provided DRM-free, and your purchase helps support Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Let me just note that Ticket to Ride is one of my favorite board games ever, and it normally costs $6.99 all by itself. This is like getting it for $2 off and with seven free extra games to boot.

Buy this bundle. Seriously, you will not be disappointed.


Bonus deal: You don't need pricey WeMo gear to make your home smart(er). Instead, you can go old-school. Get five Aukey remote-controlled outlets and two remotes for $22.99 when you apply promo code 5ASWITCH at checkout. Shipping is free for Prime subscribers.

Suppose, for example, you climb into bed and realize you left all the lights on downstairs. Assuming your lamps are plugged into these outlets, just grab the remote and hit the All-off button. Or if your coffeemaker lacks a timer, set it up the night before then press the On button when you wake up and your coffee will be brewed by the time you get downstairs. The possibilities and benefits are endless.

These employ RF wireless technology, so the remotes should work through walls. Indeed, they have a range of up to 100 feet, according to Aukey.