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Get a huge Square Enix game bundle for $15

From older titles like Thief Gold to recent hits like Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, this massive collection is too good to pass up.

So many games, they won't all fit in a single screenshot. Humble Bundle

Twenty games, 15 bucks.

Shut up and take my money, Humble Bundle!

OK, easy there, Big Cheap. Let's not be so hasty. Game bundles are nothing new, and often they include a bunch of less-than-stellar indie shovelware.

Not this time. The Humble Square Enix Bundle gives you 20 big-name games for $15. Actually, you can pay as little as a buck for six games, or beat the average ($8.87 as of now) for 15 games. But I say pony up for the complete bundle, as that's the level where you get the newer, more glamorous stuff.

Starting with what I consider the marquee title of the bundle: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, a late-2013 release that earned a score of 8 from GameSpot -- and would normally cost you $20 all by itself.

You also get the equally well-reviewed Just Cause 2 and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Along with plenty of oldies but goodies: Thief Gold, Mini Ninjas, various Hitman games, and Battlestations: Midway. I won't say every game is a gem, but there's plenty of former A-list stuff here. (On the flipside, there's also Daikatana. The less said about that, the better.)

And if you've purchased anything from Humble Bundle before, you know the drill: A portion of your payment goes to select charities. Win-win.

Also part of the drill: All the games unlock via Steam. Where, incidentally, they'd cost you over $200 if purchased separately. If there's a downside here, I'm not seeing it.

Nomad Goods Inc.

Bonus deal: In case you missed the news the other day, the new NomadPlus mates with your Apple USB wall plug to create a mobile charger. Sound good? It just got even better: You can preorder a NomadPlus for $25.35 shipped when you apply coupon code cheapskate at checkout. Regular price: $39.99. Now for the bad news: It's not due to ship until late November. Just in time for the holidays, though! Stocking stuffer, bam, done.