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Gears of War 4 'next big Reveal' is coming soon

"You guys have no idea what is coming," developer says about upcoming announcement.

It's already been a big week for Gears of War 4, as we recently learned the game's release date and more details about its beta. But now, it looks like even more news about the Xbox One shooter is set to be divulged--and soon.

A tweet from the Gears of War channel teases that the game's "next big reveal is coming soon." A countdown clock on the Gears of War website is ticking down to three days from now, on the morning of Monday, April 11. This is apparently when the announcement will be made, whatever it is.

The website itself is potentially confusing, as it shows only a number of hours left, but producer Rod Fergusson says it should be read as three days and a number of hours.


Gears of War community director Adam Fletcher teased the reveal further, saying it will come completely out of left field.

Gears of War 4 is scheduled to launch on October 11 for Xbox One. A PC version may also be released, but nothing has been confirmed at this stage. In other news, it's been confirmed that the game will offer split-screen play for multiplayer, though frame rate drops to 30fps when playing this way.

The Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta will begin later this month--check out this post to find out how to get in. On the subject of multiplayer, Fergusson recently said Gears of War's multiplayer--since Gears of War 1--has been "under-served," and explained why Gears of War 4 will change that.