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Free online games for all the family

We've hand-picked some of our favourite Flash games to keep you entertained in the office or at home over Christmas -- just make sure you don't get too addicted

We've handpicked five free Flash games that will delight and even amaze. These aren't any old Flash games: they're some of the best available online and will appeal to almost everyone. From old-school classics to interactive monsters, these wonderful games will keep you thoroughly entertained in the quiet moments over Christmas.

An old-school game with a new-school twist, Vectoroids is a modern-day version of Asteroids, a game that many will remember with great fondness. In it you play the part of a spaceship that shoots its way to victory. Watch that you don't crash into any obstacles -- and whatever you do, keep shooting. Click here to play.

Aimed at kids, Moshi Monsters allows children to create and look after their own monster -- like an online Tamagotchi. There are tonnes of games to play and it's designed so parents can keep an eye on what's happening. Not only is it safe and well designed, it's also really fun. Click here to play.

There's nothing like a spot of space-station liberation -- enter RoboKill. You play a mech warrior that has to shoot its way through action-packed levels. RoboKill is fast-paced and requires quick reactions and rapid-fire clicking abilities for you to stand a chance of getting out alive. Click here to play.

Puzzle games can sometimes be tedious, but Auditorium definitely doesn't fall into that category. To get through each level you have to figure out how to channel the rays of light into power bars. Combining music, attractive graphics and nifty gameplay, we spent a considerable amount of time playing it. Click here to play.

Sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones and Drawminos is very simple indeed. You line up a bunch of dominoes, click play and watch them all fall into each other. There's no winning or losing per se, but creating intricate patterns and then watching it all come together is very satisfying. Click here to play.

If those five weren't enough to satisfy your Flash game needs, make sure you check out the ten most addictive online Flash games ever made.