Free Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Update Adds New Monsters, Quests and More

Sunbreak's first free post-launch update arrives Aug. 10.

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Kevin Knezevic
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Hunters battling a Lucent Nargacuga

Lucent Nargacuga is invading Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's first free post-launch update is now live on Nintendo Switch and PC.

The update introduces a variety of new content to the expansion, including four new monster variants to hunt: Lucent Nargacuga, Silver Rathalos, Gold Rathian and Seething Bazelgeuse. 

Not only are these monsters more fearsome than their standard variants, each also has an accompanying new set of gear to forge from the materials they drop.

In addition to the new monsters, the free update is introducing weekly event quests. These will begin rolling out Aug. 18 and will offer exclusive rewards to earn, including special gear.

The update also adds a returning locale to the game, the Forlorn Arena, along with new Anomaly Quests -- challenging endgame missions that will pit you against Afflicted Monsters. After downloading the update, you'll be able to take on A5 rank Anomaly Quests, which will have you hunting new Afflicted versions of Lunagaron, Mizutsune and other monsters.

There's also a new quest system called Anomaly Investigations. According to Capcom, quest conditions such as the target monster, locale and number of players will be randomly determined, keeping players on their toes. Each also has a set level that will determine the types of rewards you'll receive upon completing the quest.

Rounding out the free update is a new assortment of paid DLC, including new cosmetic outfits, customization options for your hunter and emotes. You can find additional details about the update on Capcom's website. More free updates are on the way for the game, with the next slated to arrive in late September.