Fortnite's gorgeous Cube event sends players into a crazy void

Go to the light, then parachute right back into battle.

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Mike Sorrentino

Epic Games teased Fortnite players up for a colorful Cube event Sunday, and delivered one of the most theatrical moments the free battle royale game has seen so far.

Players who were inside the game at 10 a.m. PT saw the floating cube that has been on the map during Fortnite's Halloween event spin faster and faster, eventually exploding into a bright white light that overtakes the screen.

When the white light subsides, players found themselves floating in a white void with no weapons and no island in sight. A crystal-like butterfly then flies in over each of the players, the player's character reaches out to touch it and then one more white light overtakes the screen. But this time, players found themselves back above a slightly modified Fortnite island, parachuting into another match.

You can watch a full clip of the event in the embedded video from our sister site GameSpot.

Fortnite's Sunday event marked the end of the spooky Fortnitemares modes, which added zombies and monsters into many of the game's matches.

Shocked players tweeted out several reactions to the event, including videos and screenshots of their characters during their time in the void.

Along with this satirical take on the event using Minecraft.

And a Matrix-like look using the game's replay mode.

And here's the event from the perspective of popular Twitch streamer Ninja.

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