Reaching Fortnite's spawn island is about guts, not glory

The journey to Fortnite's starting point is the best part.

Mike Sorrentino
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You can get to Fortnite's spawn island, but honestly, should you?

Every Fortnite match begins with a short wait on spawn island, an area that's part of the battle royale game's expansive arena where you wait until a flying bus takes you to the main island for a 100-person deathmatch.

A video made by YouTube user Orange Guy that has been lighting up the internet this week shows two players creating an impressive structure that gets them as close to the island as possible, and then using the shopping cart as a vehicle to fly them back to the game's starting point. And frankly that part of the journey, which you can watch at the 1:10 mark of the video, is the coolest part:


GIF by Mike Sorrentino/CNET

Apart from the rush of flying through the game on a runaway shopping cart, though, there isn't much of a reason to return to Fortnite's spawn island. You and your travel partner will be the island's only occupants, and you will both probably perish when the game's storm shrinks the arena.

But at least if you are going to lose your round of Fortnite, you'll have achieved a gameplay stunt that very few others have done. And yes, since it appears this is a glitch, it probably is going to be patched out soon.

So while you can, get your grocery carts and fly, Fortnite players, fly!