Fortnite season 7, week 5 challenges and how to do the search between quest

The challenges this week are fairly easy, but there are few that are pretty fun and interesting.

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Now that we're going into the weekend, it's a great time to turn on Fortnite: Battle Royale and power through the latest weekly challenges. Every challenge you complete helps you move up through more tiers of your Battle Pass, which gradually rewards you with new loot, emojis, dance moves and more.

The list is fairly easy this week with only a couple of challenges that might slow you down, but I've got the maps so you'll know where to dance on top of towers, where to go to search between objects. I've also got a few tips for how to get through the rest of the challenges quickly.

If you haven't finished last week's challenges, check out our season 7, week 4 guide here.

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  • Stage 1: Land at Polar Peak (0/1)
  • Deal damage to opponents' structures (0/5,000)
  • Suppressed weapon eliminations (0/3) -- hard

Battle Pass

  • Stage 1: Dance on top of a water tower (0/1)
  • Search Chests at Wailing Woods or Paradise Palms (0/7)
  • Search between a Giant Rock Man, a Crowned Tomato and an Encircled Tree (0/1)
  • Eliminate an opponent from closer than 5 meters away (0/3) -- hard

How to do stage 1: Land at Polar Peak

This five-stage challenge will have you landing at various named locations around the map. It starts with Polar Peak, then Fatal Fields, Tomato Temple, Loot Lake and finally Snobby Shores. Your best bet here is to get all of them out of the way over the course of five games. You'll have to do them in order and I've got them numbered for each stage on this map:

Jason Parker/CNET

How to deal damage to opponents' structures  

There have been plenty of damage-dealing challenges in Fortnite, but this one isn't about shooting other players -- it's the structures they build. The best way to do this challenge is in a large team mode game where everybody's building giant structures. Just identify where the opposing team is doing their most building and start shooting. Obviously, rockets and grenade launchers are going to get the job done, but you could also take out a high tower for big points by shooting out the base of the structure. 

How to get suppressed weapon eliminations

Suppressed weapons include any gun with a suppressor, so you can use the suppressed handgun, the suppressed submachine gun or the suppressed assault rifle. You'll only need three kills over the course of the week, so I wouldn't worry about this one too much. Just be aware that when you get a gun with a suppressor this week, you should probably focus on that.

How to dance on top of a water tower

As the first part of a three-stage quest, you'll be dancing on various towers around the map. Even new players have a few dance moves to choose from, but where to find the water tower (Retail Row), the ranger tower (Lonely Lodge) and the air traffic control tower (Frosty Flights) is going to be the challenge here. Here's a map where each of the towers are located so you can knock it out:

Jason Parker/CNET

How to search chests at Wailing Woods or Paradise Palms

Both of these locations are loaded with chests, so your best bet here is to head to either location for a few games and start your search. It shouldn't take more than a couple games to get seven so you'll have this one out of the way in no time.

How to search between a giant rock man, a crowned tomato and an encircled tree

I'm really glad we're getting search-between quests again because I like the challenge of puzzling it together. These are obviously not named locations, but I'll bet you've passed by these places tons of times and when you see them, you'll say, "Yes, of course that's the encircled tree!" (At least I did.) Anyway, to make it easy, here's a map so you can get the Battle Star quickly:

Jason Parker/CNET

How to eliminate an opponent from closer than 5m away

This one shouldn't be that hard even though it's listed as hard in the challenge list. If you've been reading my challenge posts every week, you know where I'm going to send you: Tilted Towers. It's the perfect location to land for this quest because it's great for close combat and you know there will always be people landing there. Just drop in, grab weapons and start shooting and you should have three eliminations done in a couple of matches.