Fortnite Gets Rid of Building in Season 2

Marvel's Doctor Strange will also make an appearance on the island.

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Fortnite's newest season makes a big change

Fortnite's newest season makes a big change.

Epic Games

Fortnite , the popular battle royale shooter, just got rid of one big aspect to its game : building. Players no longer will be able to build walls, ramps and, of course, forts in the current season, which kicked off on Monday. 

Chapter 3 Season 2, dubbed Resistance, removed the ability for players to use materials to build structures, which was the most prominent difference between it and other battle royale games . Instead, players will have access to an overshield that provides additional defense on top of the player's standard shield and health. It's unclear if the ability will return when next season starts or whether this becomes a permanent change to the game. 

Developer Epic Games also added more movement options for players including a faster spring, the ability to mantle in order to get to higher ground and the ability to shoulder bash through doors. 

Epic also revealed that Marvel's Doctor Strange and Prowler will be unlockable to players who purchase a Battle Pass. Fortnite has teamed with both Marvel and DC Comics to feature prominent superheroes, including Spider-Man, Iron Man and Batman. 

Fortnite Doctor Strange
Epic Games

On Sunday, Epic said it would donate proceeds from the game from March 20 to April 3 to multiple relief organizations to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. As of Monday, it had raised $36 million for the organizations.