Fortnite chapter 2 season 1 challenges and where to find the No Fishing signs

There's another set of tasks to complete as you wait for season 2.

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Fortnite loading screen

Even more challenges for the neverending season 1. 

Epic Games

Fortnite chapter 2 may be a refresh of the game, but the challenges are the same as last season. A set of tasks is available to players each week, giving them experience points, or XP, when completed. Points acquired increase a player's tier level, which unlocks more content, especially if they have a season Battle Pass. 

The season is technically over, but developer Epic Games released a new set of challenges Thursday. 

Cameo vs. Chic missions

Fortnite Cameo challenges

The Cameo vs. Chic challenges. 

Epic Games

Catch an item with a Fishing Rod at different locations with No Fishing signs

Like the "No Swimming" signs challenge from a previous week, players will have to go find "No Fishing" signs and do some fishing. Luckily, there are three signs and they're all within close proximity of each other. Head to Slurpy Swamp and find the signs around the factory. Check the map below for the specific spots. 

Fortnite no fishing

Where to find the "No Fishing" signs.

Epic Games

Visit a lonely recliner, a radio station and an outdoor movie theater

This challenge will require a bit of traveling, but the three spots are not that far apart. Check the map below for where to find the lonely recliner, radio station and outdoor movie theater. 


Where to find the lonely recliner, radio station and outside movie theater.

Epic Games

Destroy a telescope, a television and a telephone pole

For this challenge, televisions and telephone poles are plentiful on the island. Most homes will have a TV, while poles are all along the roads. It's the telescopes that are in short supply. Check the map below for where to find a telescope to destroy. 

Fortnite telescope map

Where to find telescopes.

Epic Games

Search the hidden gnome found in between a race track, a cabbage patch and a farm sign 

This week has another hidden gnome to find. Like the other Overtime challenges this season, this challenge needs to be unlocked first before searching for the gnome. For the approximate location of the hidden gnome, see the map below. ]

Fortnite hidden gnome

Where to find the hidden gnome in between a race track, a cabbage patch and a farm sign.

Epic Games

Dance at the top of and Mount H7, Mount F8 and Mount Kay 

Here's another challenge requiring a bit of travel. All three mountains are on the southeastern part of the island. Look at the map at the specific spots to do a quick dance to complete this task. 

Fortnite mounts map

The three mountains where you can dance. 

Epic Games

Here are the rest of the week's challenges:

  • Consume an apple, a mushroom and a slurproom
  • Search 5 rare chests or supply llamas
  • Elimination at 5 different named locations
  • Catch a fish at Lake Canoe, Lazy Lake and Flopper Pond
  • Get an elimination with an assault rifle, shotgun and sniper rifle