Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1 challenges and where to find the hidden 'O'

Time to get back on that grind.

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Fortnite fishing

Put down the fishing rod and go complete some challenges. 

Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 may be a reboot of the game, but the challenges are the same as season 10. A set of tasks is available to players each week, giving them experience points when completed. Points acquired increase a player's tier level, which unlocks more content, especially if they have a season Battle Pass. 

Challenges are added every Thursday during the season, but due to the new season starting Tuesday, there's already a set of missions for players to complete. 

New World challenges

The first batch of challenges for Fortnite Chapter 2 gets players to explore the new island along with the added activities such as fishing and riding a motorboat. There's one challenge that needs a little help. 

Where to find the hidden 'F' in the New World loading screen

That fancy new loading screen players sit through has a clue to this challenge. Off to the side is a spot where the "F" is located. More specifically, the letter is on a hill just to the east of Lazy Lake. See the map below for the specific spot. 

Fortnite hidden f

Where to find the hidden "F" in Fortnite. 

Epic Games

Here are the rest of the challenges:

  • Discover 10 named locations.
  • Three eliminations at Lazy Lake or Misty Meadows.
  • Discover 10 landmarks. 
  • Ride a motorboat in three different matches. 
  • Deal 500 damage with assault rifles to opponents.
  • Search seven chests at Sweaty Sands or Retail Row. 
  • Eliminations in five different matches. 
  • Catch a weapon using a fishing rod. 
  • Deal damage with SMGs, shotguns, and pistols in a single match. 
  • Carry a Knocked player 10m.

Open Water challenges

Like the New World challenges, the Open Water challenges have players exploring the new island along with fairly straightforward challenges. 

Where to find the hidden 'O' in the Open Water loading screen

Players who completed the New World challenges received a second loading screen called Open Water. In the background, there's a beach house and right below it is the "O." That house can be found at the northern part of Craggy Cliffs. Search underneath it to find the "O." 

Fortnite hidden O map

Where to find the hidden "O." 

Epic Games

Here are the rest of the Open Water challenges. 

  • Land at Craggy Cliffs, Salty Springs and Dirty Docks.
  • Hide inside three hideouts in different matches. 
  • Search seven chests at Craggy Cliffs or Misty Meadows. 
  • Eliminate two opponents with a sniper rifle.
  • Be crouched within 20m of an opponent for a total of 10 seconds.
  • Deal 500 damage with pistols to opponents. 
  • Search seven ammo boxes in a single match. 
  • Get an elimination from 50m or further.
  • Survive 10 Storm phases. 
  • Deal 150 damage within 10 seconds of leaving a hideout. 

Fortnite is available on PS4Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and Android and iOS devices.