Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1 challenges and where to find the hidden 'E'

The last letter to get in order to unlock the Sonara skin.

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Fortnite loading screen

Can you spot the hidden "E?" 

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Fortnite Chapter 2 may be a refresh of the game, but the challenges are the same as last season. A set of tasks is available to players each week, giving them experience points when completed. Points acquired increase a player's tier level, which unlocks more content, especially if they have a season Battle Pass.

Challenges are added every Thursday during the season. For this week, players will have to move fast and do a little swimming.  

Dive Challenges

Fortnite Dive Challenges

Fortnite Chapter 2 week 8 Dive challenges. 

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Like in previous weeks, the Dive challenges are straightforward and mainly involve completing tasks within a certain amount of time, which will take a bit of practice. Two of the challenges revolve around a certain spot called Hydro 16. See the maps below on where to find it. 

3 Eliminations at Hydro 16 or Holly Hedges 

Hydro 16 is a new landmark location in Fortnite Chapter 2. It has no designation on the map, but it's easy to see. Hydro 16 is the dam separating Slurpy Swamps and Misty Meadows. Check the map below on where it is, but for this challenge, getting three eliminations will be easier to get at Holly Hedges instead of Hydro 16. 

Fortnite Hydro 16

Where to find Hydro 16. 

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Complete the swimming time trials at Lazy Lake and East of Hydro 16

Time trials are a common challenge added each season. This week new swimming time trials are available. Head to the spots located on the map below and look for a blue stopwatch to begin the race. 

Fortnite swimming trials.

Where to find the two swimming trials. 

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Here are the rest of the week's challenges: 

  • Deal 200 damage to descending Supply Drops 
  • Search 3 Supply Drops within 10 seconds of it landing
  • 3 Eliminations without aiming down sights
  • Pull an item, pull an opponent, and catch a fish using a Harpoon Gun 
  • Deal damage to opponents within 30 seconds of using a glider
  • Search 2 chests within 30 seconds of each other 3 times
  • Harvest 300 wood within 60 seconds after landing from the Battle Bus in a single match 
  • Deal damage with 2 different weapons within 30 seconds

Search the hidden 'E' found in the Dive Loading Screen

Fortnite loading screen

Find this "E" to get the Sonara skin.

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Like every week so far in Fortnite Chapter 2, there is a hidden letter to find after completing all the challenges to unlock a loading screen. This week's screen shows that the hidden "E" is on a lamppost above a dam. This dam is the same Hydro 16 for other challenges this week. Head there and look for the blue letter to get the Sonara skin.