Finally, a release date for Driveclub's free PlayStation Plus edition

Sony will be steadily rolling out online access, following launch.

GameSpot staff
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GameSpot staff
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Driveclub's PlayStation Plus Edition will be available from Thursday, June 25, Sony has announced.

"We've spent a long time preparing for this launch after some difficult and unexpected set-backs," said Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony's worldwide studios.

"To make absolutely certain that all players have the smoothest and most stable experience possible we are going to be duly cautious about how we release the game this time around."

PlayStation Plus members will be able to download the game and play it offline from Thursday. Sony will also begin rolling out online access and will "steadily bring more and more players online while continuously ensuring that all game systems are running smoothly."

"We know that this might be frustrating after the extra wait already," said Yoshida. [We] hope you can understand that we are taking extra precautions to protect your experience when you do get online. We want to make sure we don't overload the serbers as we invite millions of PS Plus members to download the game."

Driveclub and its accompanying PlayStation Plus Edition were originally slated to be out alongside the PS4 back in 2013. However, both versions were pushed back almost a full year, to October 2014.

When Driveclub was released, it launched with serious issues. Sony later announced the Plus Edition's would be postponed indefinitely.

Sony repeatedly insisted the free PlayStation Plus version hadn't been canceled and when developer Evolution Studios was hit with layoffs in March, Sony claimed it would "now focus on Driveclub as a service going forward, with the important launch of the PS Plus Edition."

Earlier this month, director Paul Rustchynsky said the Plus Edition was "in the final stages of development."

Provided you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can download Driveclub here.