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Far Cry 3 PC server woes spoil single-player fun on launch day

Far Cry 3's PC edition is suffering from borked servers, which gamers say is making single-player mode unplayable.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Far Cry 3 is out in the UK today, but the PC edition seems to already be suffering from server woes, as gamers from across the globe complain that single-player mode is rendered hopelessly unplayable thanks to connection troubles.

Rock Paper Shotgun noted the issues, which seem to kick in when you try to open the game's menu, at which point it becomes impossible to get back into the game.

Update: Ubisoft has acknowledged the issue, and says its servers are now back up and running. That should fix things, but let us know if you're still having trouble.

Meanwhile irate gamers are taking to publisher Ubisoft's forums to vent their frustrations. "My game freezes when I resume after it fails to connect, and I have to quit to the menu and reload my save," one buyer complains.

"Down for me as well in Australia," one gamer says. "Also getting glitched under the map whenever I return to the game from the ESC menu." Another Far Cry 3 fan writes, "Same here, no servers, no access to crafting or skills in single player and if I do access the menu I go back to a crash."

It's not clear how widespread the issue is, or whether the glitches are ongoing, so if you've experienced issues with Far Cry 3 on PC, give a little detail in the comments below.

Several people are saying that setting Uplay (Ubisoft's online player and achievement network) to offline mode will fix these issues, so if you're struggling that's definitely something to try -- here's a guide on how to do it.

Ubisoft has released a "critical" day one patch for the game, which is required "in order to benefit from an optimal game experience". The game's Uplay client will install the patch automatically, Eurogamer reports. If you've found this patch fixing any issues you had before, let us know.

Early server issues are common with games, but it's especially galling not to be able to access single-player mode. "Why are essential single-player functions tied to a server?" one commenter complains.

"Exact same problem here (in NZ)," another glum gamer gripes. "This is what you get for buying the game legitimately."

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